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The Acné Soin serum acts on the first application in order to re-establish promptly a pure skin and unified complexion.  This treatment is rich in natural oils and reinforced in glycolic acid, retinoic acid and vitamins A, C and E.  It sooths redness, fights acne and regulates sebaceous secretions.  Because of its formula and tampon nozzle, the Acné-soin Serum allows a perfect hygienic and targeted application of its content.  Leaves no trac


Morning and evening, apply locally to the area to be treated, avoiding the eye area. It can be applied under the treatment cream.e.



Retinol, glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E, linden, lemon, burdock, geranium, juniper, lavender, horsetail,
aloe, allantoin
60 ml

Acné Soin

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